Braxton Gilbert

10,000+ sessions

Your daily performance is a result of your deepest beliefs. I am obsessed with understanding the reason people make the choices they make. When it comes to bettering your health, the strategy is important, but understanding the story you tell yourself is most important. I've had the priviledge to have worked for thousands of people as they walk through a serious change in their health. It's never pretty. But we get it done. 

In the end, lasting change is the only thing that matters. 

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5,000+ sessions

5,000+ sessions

Bryant Howell

I love helping people reach their goals when they feel like they can't. With all of the information out there it gets very overwhelming and I love showing people how simple it can be. Getting people to believe that they can do it and then showing them how brings a smile to my face everyday.

Kinesiotherapy degree 
2 years experience training post knee/hip replacement patients
300+ bootcamp classes 
Will never change hair cut - always a #2 guard buzz cut. 

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Derric Burrell

One of the main reasons I love personal training is because it gives me an opportunity to help people not just reach a physical goal but also encourage a positive way of thinking. Even in the midst not being exactly where they want to be, there is always some good that can help push them forward if they’re just reminded of it. My favorite kind of teachings are the basics of exercise because it can bring a better quality of living to everyday life. ​​​ ​​

What excites me most about training is the progress people see themselves make. I'm thankful for the privilege to help clients no longer do nothing but do something; coming out of an old self into a new one. When they get excited so do I, and it's a pleasure I always look forward to in the process. As of right now I am studying for the CSCS and a tactical training certification to better serve athletes and those looking to serve and protect.

Exercise Science degree 
The trainer "stare of death"

Nicole Hughes

I desire to equip, encourage, and challenge others along their health and fitness journeys. As a personal trainer, I love setting attainable goals for others and seeing their transformations- whether that is with physical fitness, mental health, or emotional health! 

National Academy Sports Medicine CPT Certification 
Has the most adorable dog ever named Mocha.

Courtney Reeves

WORKING OUT IS THERAPY! That’s my motto! My fitness journey started out pretty much as an emotional outlet and as I’ve gotten to learn about all the science and mechanics behind it all I began to fall in love with it! I found that after every workout no matter if I was closer to my goal or had hit a new PR, that I just had this good feeling throughout my body mentally and emotionally. Once I discovered this feeling of conquering stress and just feeling good, I Immediately wanted to share this with the world. Which led me here at Braxton Gilbert Fitness allowing me to do what I love every single day, kicking butts and having people leave with smiles on their face at the end of the day! When I’m not kicking butts I’m at the University of South Alabama gaining knowledge on how I can better kick your butt by studying Exercise Science! My ultimate goal is to one day be a strength and conditioning coach and help people find the love and fun in health and fitness along with building incredible strength!

Studying excercise science 
Biceps bigger than Bryants, by a long shot.